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Past Life Regression. Alternative Therapies, Meditation and Yoga

About Theresa

A Little bit about myself

My love for mind body healing really started when I began to practice yoga in 2001 followed by a deep and natural connection to alternative therapies when western medicine missed its mark.  

The incredible healing that I personally experienced and then have been able to pass along to my clients is the cornerstone of my passion to help and support others in this way.

I became a Kripalu Yoga Certified Teacher in 2007.  I became a licensed as a massage therapist (LMT) in 2009. I integrate the practices of Reiki, Energy Medicine, Acupressure and Cranio-Sacral therapies so that I may offer the best possible care.  

My background and education built the bridge to the work that I am so very passionate about.  Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy.  Past Life Regression guides others through a past life most relevant to this current life time and then on to receive guidance from their own higher self. This brings such clarity of purpose and direction into the life of those who experience this method.