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Yoga Mat Adventures

Step into Your Past

Saturday  July 27 @ 4:00 pm

Clarksville, Tn

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Step Into Your Past


 Join Theresa for a Hypnotic Journey into your own past lives  Learn more about  your souls journey and how past-life experiences shape and influence your current life.

Awake from this regression feeling renewed and more alive , with a deeper understanding of the patterns and beliefs that can limit you in this lifetime .

Coming to:

Yoga Mat 

Clarksville TN

Saturday July 27  4-6pm

Lotus Yoga 


Sunday Sept 15 3-5pm

Grace Tree Yoga

West Chester, Oh

September 22 

Step Into Your Past - The Healing


Have you ever wondered why you have a certain fear or why certain situations cause you to react in panic or fear?

In this two-hour workshop we will choose a fear or phobia or even an illness. With that intention in mind we will melt into our mats in a comfortable restorative posture and take a hypnotic journey to explore the specific life time where the fear/ phobia or illness is rooted. This will allow you to experience first-hand the events and relationships in past lives that influence this issue in your current life. By making these memories conscious, we can release the patterns, freeing us to live more fully in the present. Beneficial patterns are reinforced, negative patterns are neutralized.

Coming to: 

Yoga Mat 

Clarksville ,tn 

Saturday, Sept 7  4-6pm 

Transparent Heart Yoga

Murfreesboro, Tn

Friday, Sept. 6   6-8pm

Indigo Yoga 

Dayton, Ohio

Saturday  Sept. 21  12-2pm

Sangha Yoga 

Loveland, Ohio

Saturday Oct 5  2-4 pm

Chocolates and Chakras


Throughout this 2-hour workshop you will experience a blissful restorative chakra-based yoga practice. While in each posture you will enjoy a custom-made artisan, chocolate flavored specifically to support the chakra that we are addressing.  All the while enjoying a guided visualization with affirmations designed to clear and balance.

One Part chocolate tasting and one-part restorative yoga.  This workshop will leave you feeling balanced and renewed.

Coming to: 

Yoga Mat

Clarksville, Tn

Saturday Sept 28  4-6pm

Yoga Soul 


Sunday Sept 29 1-3pm

Indigo Yoga 

Dayton, Ohio

Sunday Oct. 6  12-2 pm

Transparent Heart Yoga 

Murfreesboro, Tn

Saturday, Oct 12  2-4 pm




Its Time for Nap Class!!!

Wednesday, August 14 6:30

 This month I am adding soft  Myofascial release balls to our restorative practice. The balls are perfect for , freeing up held tension and increasing mobility.! 

This will be a one hour class of  gentle Restorative Yoga easing you into Guided Visualization in the magical Story Room at the Holt Library on Concord Road.

Please email me or message me to reserve your space  the class is limited to 10.

There is no charge for this evening of pure relaxation.

This is NOT a library sanctioned event . 

I am not planning a class in August.  It time for a vacation.

Journey of the Soul Series


A series of 4 mini workshops

Relax into a slow restorative yoga practice while drifting into a hypnotic guided-visualization.

Each class will investigate a different aspect of the souls journey. Topics will include, Soul Contracts, Soul Mates, Akashic Records and Life Between Lives.

We will take one of these inquires to the Mat once a month for 90 minutes in this four-part series of connected workshops.

Dates and locations coming soon!