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I was very curious on the subject of past life regression. I’ve felt as I’ve gotten older that I become more fearful of things that never triggered me when I was younger. 

Having a 2 hour session with Theresa taught me what Past Life Regression truly means and how it can define how and why you walk through life. Her presence and voice are very welcoming and peaceful allowing you to ground yourself while taking the hypnosis approach. It is definitely something new but I feel it can change your life if you experience it open heartedly.



Taking a journey toward exploring your own past life is not only fascinating, it allows you to heal past traumas and gain insight into current-day issues that may bring you down.

Theresa is extremely warm, gentle and accommodating as she leads the past life regression. You will be taken through a mesmerizing meditation to usher you into a deeply relaxed state where you will have the opportunity to explore your own past lives.

Your entire session will be recorded and sent to you so that you can recollect the experience on your own again and again.


Amy – Co-owner of Indigo Yoga



Theresa’s class offers peace, guided meditation and visualization and is completely soothing, refreshing and enjoyable in an ethereal way. I highly recommend it to everyone, as both men and women will benefit from this class.



Janet T.



As a novice into the world of Past Life Regression, I was pleasantly surprised that through Theresa’s calm, gently, nonjudgmental guidance several past life experiences were revealed to me. The recording of my session allows me to review and remember my thoughts. As the days pass, I find that the details of my past lives are expanded and illuminated. Significant to me is that the day after my session, I was able to remember and reconnect a dream with my past life regression experience. Journeying into my past with Theresa, the perfect travel companion was a satisfying and valuable experience for me.


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